What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality allows a digitally enhanced view of the real world. Where digital information is super imposed on top of items viewed in the real world.  This is done by using smartphones, tablets or wearable technology such as Google Glass.

“Augmented reality has the ability to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary!” Brian Prokopowich


Let ARVUU show you how we are changing your view on reality!!!

What do we do?


We are all about bringing Augmented Reality products to the masses.


At ARVUU we offer a full suite of creative services, products and solutions. We focus our business model around providing new ways to help you connect with your customers.

We offer services in these key areas!

Creative AR Development

Planning & Execution.

Mobile Development

Mobile Games & Custom Apps.

Marketing Services

Creative Solutions, Marketing Collateral & Promotional Products.


Our Augmented Reality solutions are perfect for the following industries:

  • •Printing & Publishing

  • •Marketing & Promotionals

  • •Retail & POP

  • •Gaming

  • •Travel

  • •Industrial & Engineering

  • •Health Care & Health Sciences

  • •Real Estate

Augmented Reality Statements

"When you think of any aspect of life or work, augmented reality is completely going to change how we do it." -    Ari Inbar, founder and CEO of Augmentedreality.org
"We strongly believe Augmented Reality and its evolution in our world, is at the beginning of something wonderful." -    Brian Prokopowich, Co-Founder


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Our Products

Below is a partial list of products & services we offer.



ARenginePro: This is our Augmented Reality platform which most of our core products are built around. To experience Augmented Reality with our system,  download our mobile app and launch it. Scan any of our AR tagged products, and see it come to life before your eyes.  The simplicity of our system makes it easy to use and create campaigns, plus powerful metrics to monitor your campaigns success.

• Add the following content to create your campaign: 2D & 3D images/models, animation, video, audio and games.
• Our platform supports the following OS: Apple iOS, Android and glass based apps
• Our platform provides: On device tracking, campaign and asset management all in our cloud powered system.
• We are AR developers for the following products: Google Glass, Meta’s SpaceGlasses & Atheer One

ARenginePro platform lets you build future-perfect apps now!  Let us create your very own Augmented Reality Mobile Game, Marketing Campaign or Google Glass styled app. Let Arvuu and ARenginePRO bring your dream to reality!



ARgameLabs: Is our development arm for our Mobile Games and Business Applications.  Got an IDEA?  Let us bring that idea from concept to reality.  Our technical team can create mobile apps across various platforms from: iOS, Andoid, Unity 3D, AR SDK and GDK.

We provide development for:
•Game Apps
•AR Apps
•Enterprise Apps
•Consumer Apps
•Glass Apps

The first project created was “BOOYAA JACK” a multi player Drinking Game played with friends world wide or sitting beside you. The second project is “ARbeerWorld” , is our social community for craft beer lovers.   To learn more go to our next section and read the “ARbeerGlass Project”.



ARbeerGlass: This is our turn key gaming and marketing solution for the Craft Brewing Industry. ARbeerGlass allows companies to promote their brands and provide an entertaining way to engage customers, with the ability to track the marketing campaigns success. Our base technology will allow us to link digital media directly to the drinking glasses. The enhanced features we provide with the glass are 2 games and a Social Media site geared towards the Craft Beer market.

  • ARenginePro
  • ARgameLabs
  • ARbeerGlass

Our Clients

Partial list of customers coming soon.


Recent Projects/Works
Below is a list of projects we have completed, to view the Augmented Reality effect download our ARenginePRO app.

Shining Star

Shining Star

3D Dragon AR-Demo

3D Dragon AR-Demo

Real Estate Image AR Demo

Real Estate Image AR Demo





BooYaa Jack

BooYaa Jack

Get in Touch With Us

If you prefer to contact us, just direct message or contact info below.
  • 2600 John Street, Unit 126, Markham, ON L3R 3W3
  • info@arvuu.com
  • +1 416-558-1154
  • +1 416-558-1154

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