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So you want to create your own Augmented Reality Project, fantastic!
To create your project all you have to do is fill out the form below, attach your image and video link files to the form and press send.
Your project will be ready to launch in 24-48hrs, after we finish testing the files you just uploaded to make sure it all works
perfectly. Once the project is ready to launch, we will notify you by email, to say it is ready to share with the world. We encourage you
to share the project with everyone and use the following hastag #freearproject to share on social media links.

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Upload Your Base File: A base file is the base image we are linking your digital content too. To learn more about the best type of target to use read it below the form.
File types: jpg or png

Upload Your Image Link File: The image link if the digital content that you will link to the base image you just uploaded above.
File types: mp4,obj or fbx

If You Have A YouTube Video, Add it here:



Ideal Image Target for Augmented Reality

Image Targets possessing the following attributes will enable the best detection and tracking performance to be used in your ARenginePRO project.

Your images should be:

Rich in detail: Street scene, group of people, collages and mixtures of items, and sport scenes

Good contrast: Bright and dark regions, and well-lit

No repetitive patterns: A grassy field, the fa├žade of modern house with identical windows, and a checkerboard. Circular objects with similar design.

Format: Must be 8- or 24-bit PNG and JPG formats; less than 2 MB in size; JPGs must be RGB or greyscale (no CMYK)



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