ARenginePRO Pricing


ARenginePRO is a full service Augmented Reality solution where we mix technology & creativity with our own mix of applications. Our services combine traditional, interactive marketing with Augmented Reality uses. We believe Augmented Reality functionality will be the next big step in the promotional, marketing & merchandising industries.

Before Augmented Reality you just had a one dimensional logo or image on a promotional product, however now there are endless possibilities to what you can put together using Augmented Reality and our solutions.

 “I believe Augmented Reality Is The Next Step In The Evolution Of Promotional, Marketing & Merchandising industries” Brian P.

 You can now engage your clients like never before! Your clients can actively participate with your give away gift in a multidimensional way with a product that comes to life.  This will allow you to interact and engage with them as well as ask them questions.  At the same time, you have metrics to prove the effectiveness of your campaign showing how many clients are downloading the free app.

Think of it this way; your client would have received the product anyway, so why not have the product enhanced with ARenginePRO and elevate the experience for them in a gift that keeps giving!

 Do It Your Self Projects

  • ARenginePRO

  • Ability to link following digita media:

  • Project Included

  • Renewal cost

  • Trial
  • 49.99 ea. USD

    60 Day

  • MP4-video 2min max, YouTube Link, video 2min max. 

  • 1 Base image + 1 Link 

  • $49.99/yr. 

  • Basic
  • 99.99 ea.USD

    90 Day

  • MP4-video 2min max, YouTube Link, 3D, 2D, Additional Website 

  • 1 Base image + 2 Links 

  • $39.99/yr. 

  • Yealry
  • 129.99/yr.


  • MP4-video 2min max., YouTube Link, 3D, 2D, Additional Website 

  • 2 Base image + 2 Links + Plus 2 Additionsl links 

  • $35.00/yr. 


Self Managed Subscription Model

First time user setup: $250.00

  • Monthly

  • Includes:

  • Views Per Month.

  • If Paid Monthy

  • StartAR
  • 15/Mth. USD

    Paid Yearly

  • 5 Active Projects 

  • 100 Monthy Views 

  • $25/Mth. 

  • BeginAR
  • 25/Mth. USD

    Paid Yearly

  • 10 Active Projects 

  • 500 Monthy Views 

  • $35/Mth. 

  • MarketAR
  • 50/Mth. USD

    Paid Yearly

  • 25 Active Projects 

  • 1000 Monthy Views 

  • $60/Mth. 

  • ProAR
  • 99/Mth. USD

    Paid Yearly

  • 100 Active Projects 

  • 2500 Monthy Views 

  • $110/Mth.